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PRPSPennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (est. 1935)
PRPSPurchase Request Process System
PRPSPasir Ris Primary School (Singapore)
PRPSPoplar River Power Station
PRPSPacing Rate Profile Software (exercise)
PRPSPseudo-Random PRF Stagger
PRPSParental Role Preference Scale
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Delivery of PRPS capability will occur in spirals, which are like building blocks.
The measurement should include the company's share of the costs (as allocated by the EPA, an independent consultant or the PRPS), plus its share of any expenses that will not be paid by other PRPS.
In some cases, PRPS are also required to pay past and future costs for activities related to the site cleanup.
Under CERCLA, all generators of such wastes are considered to be PRPS, which face joint and several liability for site remediation.
A suit is a protective suit that PRPS comprehensive protection and is equipped with a mechanically driven air supply.
Josh Johnson, of the PRPS group at AFRL, "and this award reflects AFRL's commitment to integrate fuel cell technologies into our development programs.
Department of justice for enforcment, against PRPS, which respond by hiring their own lawyers.
Government groups have long sought to incorporate into Superfund such principles as enterprise liability, shifting burdens of proof and special rules of pleading and corporate law to allow recovery against more PRPS.
To provide start-up guidance, PANA and PRPS will provide a free "How To" training session on implementing and participating in the KAZ campaign.