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PRQPolitical Research Quarterly
PRQPre-Review Questionnaire (trauma care; medicine)
PRQPhoto Reproduction Quality (Epson)
PRQPurchase Request
PRQPressure-Rate Quotient (cardiology)
PRQPersonal Resilience Profile
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After reading and signing an informed consent statement, participants filled out the Names Questionnaire via paper and pencil, and subsequently received either the remaining self-reports (demographics form, ESRS, PRQ, and NRQ) presented in random order via an online survey website or the three IRAPs.
67) Parent measures Parent education > 12 years 330 (82) [less than or equal to] 12 years 72 (18) Home ownership Owned 309 (77) Rented 95 (33) PRQ f-scores, n = 402 Attachment 51.
The service we offered at PRQ was to register the domain names as 'Customer of PRQ', so the domain still belongs legally to the customer even though the contact details for PRQ are being used," said Andreas.
Total Scores on PRQ2000 and JSS and Subscale Breakdowns of California ADRN Program Directors (n = 61) PRQ MEAN SD Total 87.
The PRQ consists of 40 items, such as "There is at least one sympathetic person with whom I can discuss my work problems," "I spend enough time in recreational activities to satisfy my needs" and "I can identify important elements of problems I encounter.
The PRQ identifies the way in which individuals react to things personally.
Sisney 1995 Journal of Chemical Availability PRQ Nursing dependence (Brandt Scholarship & Weinert, 1981) 20.
The PRQ2000 (Weinert, 2003) is a shorter version of the PRQ85-II, which was based on the PRQ (see Weinert, 2003, for a discussion of the development of the PRQ and for a description of the psychometric properties of the PRQ2000).
The aim of this current study was to examine the concurrent validity of the GBS constructed for use in the Gatehouse Project (19-22) with a subset of questions from the widely used PRQ (15) (study 1) and to assess test-retest reliability of the GBS (study 2).
After the parent completed the BASC-2, it was scored using BASC-2 scoring software (BASC-2 PRQ ASSIST[TM]).