PRRBProvider Reimbursement Review Board (Medicare)
PRRBPorous Radiant Recirculated Burner
PRRBProduction Readiness Review Board
PRRBPilotage Rate Review Board (Florida)
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The PRRB is the initial finder of fact in the administrative appeals process and is responsible for developing a complete record of the case.
Congress created the PRRB to furnish providers with an independent forum for resolving payment disputes arising from final determinations (42 U.
The PRRB is supported by a staff of 30 HCFA employees, consisting of accountants, lawyers, paralegal specialists, and clerical support personnel.
HCFA's Office of Hearings (proposed organizational name) provides administrative and staff support to the PRRB, the Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board (MGCRB), and various other hearing and appeal functions (e.
During the latter part of the last FY, a new Chairman was appointed to the PRRB and a new Executive Director was charged with leading the staff.
New appeals were filed with the PRRB at a rate 55 percent greater than in FY 1993.
In addition, as providers pursue their challenges at the judicial level, the PRRB has had to respond to increasing numbers of Federal court orders and remands.
Second, the operation and management of the PRRB should exist within a customer-focused, strategic planning, and goal-setting framework that transcends the appointment of a new Chairman every 3 years.
The PRRB generated 11,888 case-related letters in FY 1994.
Through the HCFA reorganization in March 1994, which resulted in bringing the PRRB and MGCRB staffs together as the Office of Hearings (proposed name), several additional staff will be available for PRRB work at the end of March 1995, when MGCRB appeal activities are completed for the year.
PRRB support staff have been given Total Quality awareness training.