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PRRSPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
PRRSPorcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome (virus)
PRRSPeer Reviewed Research Studies (Canada)
PRRSPattern Recognition and Remote Sensing
PRRSPenetration Resistance Rating System
PRRSPattern Recognition Receptor System (neurophysiology)
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To confirm swine PRRS outbreaks, we performed reverse transcription real-time PCR on 1 randomly selected plasma sample from each farm (7).
Pork from countries with PRRS must undergo treatment to deactivate the disease.
Better understanding of the current situation and the epidemiology of PRRS are needed in order to design appropriate surveillance systems.
The 2015 European PRRS Research Awards were recently presented to the successful investigators.
Emergence of fatal PRRSV variants: unparalleled outbreaks of atypical PRRS in China and molecular dissection of the unique hallmark.
Possberg said: "One of our major focuses will be on the PRRS virus.
Disease, he said, had the biggest impact on margins and he questioned how many of the diseases, such as FMD, PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) and PMWS (post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome), which had nearly broken the back of the British industry, actually originated in the UK.
The new ARS test has proved effective in distinguishing isolates from 90 field strains of PRRS versus isolates from vaccinated pigs.
Ingelvac PRRSFLEX EU for piglets and ReproCyc PRRS EU for breeding gilts and sows will be launched in most European countries in October 2015.
Currently highly pathogenic PRRS vaccines are purchased by the government through invitation for bidding in China.
PRRS was first reported in the United States in 1987.