PRRSVPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
PRRSVPrague Strain of Rous Sarcoma Virus
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PRRSV can spread through the air, due to pigs' respiration or coughing, but it does not affect humans.
Mogler is confident that Harrisvaccines will be able to characterize the immune response to PRRSV proteins by identifying reactive sites that otherwise, would not have been found.
Ninety-two (18%) of 521 sick pigs from PRRSV outbreak farms were systemically infected with S.
The causative agent was isolated from sick pigs and determined to be PRRSV.
PRRSV is a single-stranded positive sense RNA virus that shows high rates of genetic diversity.
Because open reading frame 5 (ORF5) and the nonstructural protein 2 (NSP2) gene are 2 of the most variable genes in PRRSV (1-3), these genes were sequenced to identify genetic variation in the 2 isolates.
compared GD3-2005 with several PRRSVs and reported the homology within them, pointing out that the 2 deletions in NSP-2 were identical to the HP-PRRSV (5).
Since May 2006, porcine high fever syndrome, caused by highly pathogenic PRRSV and characterized by high fever and high death rates in pigs of all ages, has emerged in China and affected >20 million pigs (7-9).
In general, PRRSV has caused either respiratory failure in neonates or abortions in sows during sporadic PRRS outbreaks worldwide (2).
The newly isolated PRRSV was used to examine the pathogenicity in 60-day-old PRRSV-free piglets, under closed and biosafety (P2) conditions.
One microgram of the extracted RNA and a primer pair specific for open reading frame 5 of PRRSV were included in a single-tube RT-PCR as described previously (26).
My hypothesis, which explains the origin and evolution of the two distinct PRRSV genotypes, is that a mutant of a closely related arterivirus of mice (lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus) infected wild boars in central Europe.