PRRTPetroleum Resource Rent Tax (Australia)
PRRTPrimal Reflex Release Technique
PRRTPolice Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust (Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK)
PRRTpeptide receptor radionuclide therapy
PRRTProject Rework Reduction Tool (Construction Owners Association of Alberta)
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68]Ga-SSTR PET may be considered after the first PRRT cycle used for treatment of NET, as a prognostic measure, although there is currently insufficient evidence for its routine use in this indication.
The money has been used to bring the UK's leading PRRT expert, Dr Muriel Buxton-Thomas, to Birmingham.
Acknowledging longtime members and celebrating seven decades of informative programs -- more than 2,500 noon meetings targeted to senior communications professionals -- the event will also promote the PRRT scholarship fund for Bay Area university students.
Contract notice: PRRT Supply and Delivery of Hospitality.
Petroleum's profit, excluding the abnormal PRRT item was Dollar
Contract award: DoJ PRRT Provision of Training Services.
PRRT wish to establish a contract for the provision of information technology and support services.
Contract award: PRRT Provision of Training Services.
the Commissioner of Taxation will be required to publish the tax payable of corporate taxpayers with accounting incomes of $100 million or more a year, and the resource rent tax liabilities of entities subject to the MRRT or PRRT.