PRSAPPoverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan (Swaziland)
PRSAPPre-Release Substance Abuse Program (Texas Department of Criminal Justice; Austin, TX)
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The total potential cost offset ranges between $7,647/person/year for PRSAP clients to $39,690/person/ year for TASS/Re-entry Link clients.
8) Subsequent to the study, PRSAP was recently absorbed into SAAP in Western Australia.
84 157 44 1068 Total Justice 2,988 2,541 71,355 Total Offsets 131,844 332,315 Panel E PRSAP Annual use Difference/person Average life Average Average Annual outcomes $ Occur- Cost Difference (6)=PV of(5) rences $ $ n=45, i=3 (3) (4) (5)=(4)-(2) per cent Health Services GP 5.