PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Paper
PRSPPlan Régional de Santé Publique
PRSPPenicillin Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae
PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Programme (International Monetary Fund and World Bank)
PRSPPunjab Rural Support Programme (Pakistan)
PRSPProgram Requirements Support Plan
PRSPPakistan Rural Support Programme
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Over the last few years local efforts have been made to carry out repairs but the very heavy rains this year proved too much - the road was washed away to a depth of about 2 feet virtually cutting off access for PRSP and a large part of the community along the river bank from the village road about 300 yards away.
The PRSP also noted, for example, that infant mortality had increased from 62 per thousand in 1993 to 78 per thousand in 2003.
A decade into the PRSP process, this article provides a comprehensive look at the PRSP approach and arrives at slightly different conclusions than most IFI critics.
Six inter-related elements of the Punjabi Sufi tradition may be relevant to the PRSP endeavour:
The PRSP does mention some important aspects of poverty alleviation, such as health, water and education," says Ghani.
The distributions of PSSP, PISP, and PRSP in each serotype were significantly different (p = 0.
However, in the United States, amoxicillin-penicillin cross-resistance has been reported in more than 20% of PRSP isolates.
Nevertheless, he was upbeat about the results of the London meeting, saying: "The many countries and multilateral organisations present have recognised the tremendous progress achieved by the government and peoples of Sierra Leone in the short period since the ending of the civil war--and given a significant vote of confidence in the government's PRSP.
Signs of hope in the PRSP are government infrastructure programs, especially roads and electric power.
The essential pro-poor policies in PRSPs can be considered under two headings--those relating to the provision of and access to public services (like PPE) and those relating to the rural sector; increased public spending on the provision of social services is a central element of PRSPs.
World Bank spokesman in Phnom Penh Bou Saroeun is optimistic that the PRSP will reduce poverty, 'but very slowly'.
PRSP is a "Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper," HIPC is a "Heavily Indebted Poor Country," and PPA is a "Participatory Poverty Assessment").