PRSWPreload Recruitable Stroke Work-Relation (cardiology)
PRSWPositive Rolandic Sharp Waves
PRSWPreload Recruitable Stroke Work Slope
PRSWPower Rangers Spoiler Warnings (website)
PRSWProvence Rag Soft White (art supplies)
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The relationship between vasodilation and inotropy is illustrated in Figure 2, where the change in SVRI from baseline is plotted against the change in PRSW from baseline.
s]/kg) 36549[+ or -]9345 31911[+ or -]9561 PRSW (mmHg) 71[+ or -]5 74[+ or -]4 EDPVR (mmHg/ml) 3.
Further analyses, such as selecting cycles, calculating PressureVolumeArea, Potential Energy, Cardiac Efficiency, and plotting PV Loops, PRSW, Max dp vs EDV, PVA vs EDV, PVA vs ESP, can be performed offline.