PRShPartia Republikane Shqiptarë (Albanian Republican Party)
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It was also established that irradiation of HPD-loaded EAC cells caused a considerable (ca 30%) fall in the intracellular content of NAD(P)H as well as serious oxidative damages to their proteins, which was expressed as a substantial modification of the amino acid composition of cell proteins; namely, at light doses causing an irreversible inactivation of about 95% of the cells, the proportion of the photooxidized amino acid residues was determined as 34% for His, 20% for PrSH, 16% for Trp, and 11% for Tyr (Fig.
As the photosensitization of EAC cells by HPD led to a strong fall in the level of PrSH (Fig.
7-fold) growth in the rate of PrSH photooxidation was monitored (Fig.