PRTSPorts (street suffix)
PRTSPuritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI)
PRTSPremium Rate Telephone Services (UK)
PRTSPacific Regional Transport Study (Pacific Islands Forum)
PRTSPins and Rubbers Traction System (orthopaedic surgery)
PRTSPrecedence Request Timeslot
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However, the poor execution of these services across the sector has reduced consumer confidence and is having a material impact on PRTS revenues," the company said.
In Ghazni, one of our PRTS, I visited FSOs Zach Harkenrider and Rachel Grant, and their counterparts in the military, and learned that, despite the difficult environment, the efforts of this group of talented people have yielded positive, tangible results throughout Ghazni.
PRTS is well-positioned to benefit from faster growth in the online segment of this industry.