PRTTPuerto Rican Travelling Theatre (est. 1967)
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Because of the significant difference between the mSTTI and PRTT and the TP and TV readings, consistent use of a single method (for monitoring the same individual over time or multiple individuals within the same species) is recommended.
A modification of the standard Schirmer tear test or use of PRTT is recommended because of the small flamingo eye.
Modified STTI was significantly lower than PRTT (P < .
The PRTT has been documented in several avian species (3-5) and in small mammals (6-8) as a practical and reliable method for quantitative tear film evaluation.
The PRTT thread was then inserted under the upper eyelid with the same technique.
A paired samples t test was used to compare results of the PRTT obtained from upper eyelid and lower eyelid of right and left eyes.
The mean [+ or -] SD PRTT values for the upper eyelid of the left eye (OS) and right eye (OD) were 16.
Results of the present study provided information on ranges of values for PRTT in healthy common mynah birds.