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PRVPatent- och Registreringsverket (Swedish Patent Office)
PRVPressure Regulating/Regulator Valve
PRVPressure Reducing Valve
PRVPressure Relief Valve
PrVPseudorabies Virus
PRVPolycythemia Rubra Vera
PRVPeak Reverse Voltage
PRVPlant Replacement Value
PRVPeugeot Renault Volvo (joint engine design/manufacturing)
PRVPersonnel Recovery Vehicle
PRVPermanent Resident Visa
PRVPriority Review Voucher
PRVPlate-forme de Realite Virtuelle
PRVPokemon: Ruby Version (game)
PRVPokemon: Red Version (game)
PRVPolyester Renforcé de Fibre de Verre (French: Reinforced Polyester Fiberglass)
PRVPearl River Valley Railroad Company
PRVPhenomena Research Victoria (Australia)
PRVPropellant Valve
PRVProduction Representative Vehicle (US Army)
PRVPackage Receipt Voucher
PRVPipe Rupture Valve
PRVPeak Reverse Velocity
PRVPoly Reinforced Vinyl
PRVPost Residual Volume (urology)
PRVPlanning Organ-at-Risk Volume (oncology)
PRVPlatte River Valley
PRVProgramu Rozvoje Venkova (Czech: Rural Development Programme)
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We report an outbreak of PRV infection that devastated the swine-producing regions of China in 2012.
Platte River formed PRV Aerospace in January 2010 by consolidating four aerospace operating companies it had acquired between 2006 and 2008, and PRV Aerospace subsequently completed two strategic add-on acquisitions in 2010 and last year.
The Welsh Government has made this funding available to enable successful companies like PRV Engineering to maximise business opportunities as they arise and I am pleased to support this expansion," said Ms Hart.
Inbuilt safety The PRV Max is constructed using non-interacting mechanical components, which means that a single point of failure will not spread to other valves.
Rotavirus asilarinin, HRV icin 2-4 ay semasi ile 2 doz, PRV icin 2-4-6.
To keep project costs low and ensure that the project was completed before the deadline, Kennedy/Jenks recommended that the city use PRV package systems that could be delivered to the site as intact units.
The service plans to issue a draft version of its request for proposals--detailing its requirements for the PRV sometime after the first of the year, followed with a final RFP in May 2005 and a contract award in the fall.
Initial funding for research and development of the PRV is slated to start in fiscal 2005.
This vaccine is an attenuated strain of PRV produced by extensive in vitro passage and contains a well-characterized deletion of several viral proteins (i.
While the presidential version would be outfitted for the safety and comfort of the chief executive--complete with leather chairs, couches, wood paneling, carpeting and in-flight video conferencing--the PRV model would be equipped austerely for combat.
PRV Aerospace, LLC ("PRV Aerospace"), a portfolio company of Court Square Capital Partners ("Court Square"), announced today that it has acquired all of the outstanding stock of Astro Spar, Inc.