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PRYProbably (chat slang)
PRYParaguay (ISO Country code)
PRYProgram Year
PRYProject Reach Youth, Inc.
PRYPitch Roll Yaw
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WHEN YOU PRY OFF trim, protect wall surfaces that won't be affected by remodeling.
The best thin pry bar we could find for this work is the Model 45600 by Hyde Tools ($7.
can sustain a population of 320 million people only because of modern technology," said Pry.
Heat the backhousing with hot gun 1 pry the backhousing with metal tool 2
It's a bad idea to carry a big pry bar in prison," he said.
Ynglyn a'r adar ysglyfaethus sydd yn cael eu magu, y lwynog a'r pry llwyd.
com)-- An innovative new product intended to serve as an effective solution to a common problem related to fencing, the Sheppard Fencing Pry Bar, has been developed by Addison Sheppard of San Antonio, Texas.
Police followed footprints in the snow and saw pry marks on a shed at the Seminole Drive home.
Remove the screws (use Liquid Wrench or just drill them out if they are corroded) and pry the rails away from the wall.
If the push/pull concept isn't working, try to pry the gun from the bad guy's hands.
the Hong Kong-based company that runs the core businesses of John Swire & Sons Pry.
It allows the operator to easily rip rock, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, caliche, coral shale, asphalt or frozen ground with the maximum breakout force, It also can be used to pry out and carry stumps or boulders, rip a clean, narrow V trench for laying utilities and also scoop and load material.