PRZPower Rangers Zeo
PRZPhilip R. Zimmermann (developer of PGP)
PRZPartial Range Zone
PRZProgram Reference Zero (CAM machining)
PRZPeace River Zone (Canada)
PRZPrince Edward Recreational Zone (paintball)
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5 converted PRZ signal pulses are formed at the edges of NRZ-OOK signal pulses (as shown in Fig.
As one can see from the results slight notch filter offset from channels central frequency gives higher amplitude values of generated PRZ pulses.
As one can see from the results two PRZ pulses were generated.
Converted PRZ pulses amplitude after one a single ring MRR is lower comparing to Gauss or short term integrator notch filter with same FWHM bandwidth.
Nas evidencias empiricas apuradas nao foram encontradas relacoes estatisticamente significantes entre o resultado com TVM e as variaveis que compoem os vetores TIP, PRZ e CON.
Contribution to structural evolution of the Orawa Basin (Carpathians, Poland) during Neogene through Quaternary times (in Polish, abstract and description of figures in English), Prz.
UHO 5759 wraz z przyczepa antenowa 2-os oraz PSZ SZ-1M2R na STAR 266 z prz.
UWR 4280 wraz z przyczepa antenowa 2-os oraz PSZ SZ-1M2R na STAR 266 z prz.
Contract notice: Comprehensive supply of electricity to the facilities PRz 2017.
EPL retains the right to increase its interest by a further 20% by making staged cash payments of $2,000,000 to PRZ over 6 years.
HART - Implementation services related to acquisition and skidding using machines wielooperacyjnych in the stands prz