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PS2Sony Play Station 2
PS2Pokémon Stadium 2 (video game)
PS2Personal System 2 (IBM PC and a connector format)
PS2Personnel Specialist 2nd Class (USN Rating)
PS2Port Security Specialist 2nd Class (USCG rating)
PS2Photosystem II (photosynthesis)
PS2Power Stone 2 (Capcom game)
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Shloer Sparkling Red Grape Juice Drink (750ml), Tesco, PS2, buy one, get one free SAVE: PS2
With rare exceptions, the games released in recent months for PS2 have felt and played a lot like games made for the old PlayStation.
Customers are still free to pay with the PS2 coin at all manned checkouts.
The PS2 is the best games console on the market with hundreds of super games to choose from.
Four Chosen by You Individual Steak Pies (600g), were PS2.
SAVE: PS1 taste the difference | |Beef & Cracked Black Pepper Sausages (six pack), Sainsbury's, PS2.
SAVE: PS2 | Eight Celebrate Britain paper plates, johnlewis.
99 Electronic Arts - PS2 Need For Speed Underground.
Eyetoy: (PS2) Now gamers can exercise more than their thumbs with their PS2 consoles.
Truly Irresistible Chicken& Chenin Blanc Pie (200g), Co-op, was PS2.