PSAAPublic Schools Accountability Act of 1999 (California)
PSAAPenn State Alumni Association (Pennsylvania State University)
PSAAPuget Sound Adventist Academy
PSAAPolish Singers Alliance of America
PSAAPrivate School Athletic Association
PSAAPennsylvania State Archery Association
PSAAParticularly Sensitive Sea Area
PSAAPacific Special Activities Area
PSAAPhilippine Ship Agents Association
PSAAPagosa Springs Arts Alliance (Pagosa Springs, CO)
PSAAProgram Support Agreement Addendum
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PSAA courses include: The Basic Training Skills Manual (Introduces Service Advisors to the automotive service industry and the basic approaches to creating a Positive Customer Service Experience), The Learn & Earn Workshop Series (Relationship Building Skills that improve customer retention) and The Condition Based Selling Series (the Concept of Conditional Based Selling).
MariE jame-, MariW jame-, however, can be straightforwardly equated with PSaa *jame-, as the same meaning'go numb (of body parts)'is attested in both Mari and Saami.
BURGER: One of the things in our PSAA requires is that they at least, have to disclose their political contributions, so the public will know who private bidders have contributed to, which candidates.
Pet Shelters Across America is the largest pet adoption and sheltering community in the United States, serving 130 million people coast to coast," said Kathryn Wright Warnick, president - PSAA.
In UEW (113) Fi katkera bitter is considered cognate with SaaN guohca (gen guohccaga) 'rotten, spoiled ' (< PSaa *kuoccek), MariE koco, MariW kace 'bitter ' (< PMari *kace) and Udm kes 'bitter, tasteless, unsalted', possibly also KhE kicim, KhS xecem, KhN jisam 'mold '(< PKh *kicim), MsS kasak, MsW kassa, MsE kesay, MsN xassi 'mold '(< PMs *kisyi); the Uralic protoform is reconstructed as *kacke-.
ISLAMABAD, June 24, 2011 (Frontier Star): A three member bench of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) issued its order in the matter of cartelization by Pakistan Ships Agents Association (PSAA), holding that PSAA had violated Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2010 by recommending a range of charges for ancillary shipping services provided by its members.
1997; Rousseau & de Reviers, 1999) or chloroplastic psaA (Cho et al.
In Skolt Saami the verb has an irregular vowel (puatred < *poatere-), but this is evidently secondary, as all the other forms point to PSaa *a; an irregular change *a > *oa in Skolt was probably caused by the labializing influence of *p-.
The CCP had taken notice of the active role being played by PSAA in recommending/suggesting rates/tariffs to its member undertakings in prima facie violation of Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2010, says a press release.
Rapid evolutionary divergence of photosystem I core subunits PsaA and
Intranasal immunization of mice with a mixture of the pneumococcal proteins PsaA and PspA is highly protective against nasopharyngeal carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae.