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PSADPort Scan Attack Detector
PSADProstate-Specific Antigen Density (prognosticator)
PSADPennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf
PSADPsychosocial Aspects of Diabetes
PSADPreliminary Safety Assessment Document
PSADPassive Search & Detection
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ProstaGlove will allow measurement of prostate volume and determination of PSAD to identify patients with elevated PSA appropriate for prostate biopsy.
Gunumuzde halen PSA'si gri zonda olan hastalarda biyopsi kararini vermede yol gosterici olmasi bakimindan en cok kullanilan PSA modifikasyonlari PSAD ve f/T PSA'dir.
The guide covers major systems including Snort Inline, SnortSAM, PaX, Stackguard, LIDS, FWSnort, PSAD, Enterasys Web IPS, and mod_securit.