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PSALPublic Schools Athletic League (New York City)
PSALPrivate Sector Adjustment Loan
PSALPrivate Schools Athletic League
PSALPacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (Peru)
PSALPublic Sector Adjustment Loan (World Bank; Washington, DC)
PSALProstate Specific Antigen Level
PSALPrivacy, Security and Automation Laboratory (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
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He added that PSAL had indicated to the Minister that they wanted answers within 8-10 days, saying: "the rural buses will begin operating again tomorrow, but just as the [strike] measures ended, they can start up again".
Rudy, the red-nosed mayor, was a no-show for the PSAL on Christmas.
Now four inches taller and dunking the ball, he is dominating the PSAL and should have his pick of top programs in his senior year, provided he can score 700 on the SATS and that neither he nor his father violates any recruiting rules.
All-Star PSAL hurdles record-holder Brigitte Pewu of Curtis High School in Staten Island ran 8.
Playing competitive handball since he was 13, Chu competed in New York's PSAL, anchoring the handball team at the Bronx High School of Science.
Largest-Ever High School Attendance As PSAL Includes Colgate Track and Field Series
On Friday, the High School division featured record-breaking attendance, as PSAL student athletes and other newcomers, joined returning Colgate Games veterans to set a fast pace for the season.
We are thrilled to partner with the PSAL - the largest high school league in the country - and to share the excitement of NYC boys and girls sports with students, parents, educators and the community at large.
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