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PSALPublic Schools Athletic League (New York City)
PSALPrivate Sector Adjustment Loan
PSALPrivate Schools Athletic League
PSALPacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge (Peru)
PSALPublic Sector Adjustment Loan (World Bank; Washington, DC)
PSALProstate Specific Antigen Level
PSALPrivacy, Security and Automation Laboratory (Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
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He added that PSAL had indicated to the Minister that they wanted answers within 8-10 days, saying: "the rural buses will begin operating again tomorrow, but just as the [strike] measures ended, they can start up again".
Rudy, the red-nosed mayor, was a no-show for the PSAL on Christmas.
On Friday, the High School division featured record-breaking attendance, as PSAL student athletes and other newcomers, joined returning Colgate Games veterans to set a fast pace for the season.
We're proud to welcome this year's PSAL student participants, whose involvement can only raise the level of excitement throughout the series, and further our mission to remain the gold-standard in amateur competition.
for additional comprehensive coverage, including PSAL game highlights, athlete interviews, feature stories and more.
NYC high school sports enthusiasts will be able to find PSAL coverage across all of MSG Varsity's platforms, which include: MSG Varsity, iO TV Channel 14; MSGVarsity.
Recognizing the PSAL as instrumental in his development in becoming an NBA star for the New York Knicks, the donation of Starbury One sneakers is Stephon's way of saying "thanks" to an organization that still means very much to him.
Stephon played in the PSAL while growing up in Coney Island and attending Lincoln High School.
The PSAL helped me get to where I am today and I am real excited to be able to supply free sneakers to all of these kids," Marbury said.