PSANPartit Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional
PSANProgressive Shareholders Association of Nigeria
PSANPost-Soviet Armies Newsletter (electronic newsletter and database)
PSANPeer Support & Advocacy Network (Pittsburgh, PA)
PSANPhase-Stabilized Ammonium Nitrate
PSANPosterior Superior Alveolar Nerve
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PSAN Minimum "The result: Working people get higher wages, employers get support to help to make the transition, Government cuts the cost of social security for the long term.
1 wt%) compared to bulk PS and PSAN might be comprised from dispersion of silicate nanolayers of clay in a polymer matrix.
A PSAN/PMMA blend containing 60% w/w PSAN and 40% PMMA (indicated as blend B6040 in the following) was generated by melt-mixing granules of the as-received resins in a laboratory-scale, co-rotating, fully intermeshing twin-screw extruder.
La PSAN define la seguridad alimentaria como "la disponibilidad suficiente y estable de alimentos, el acceso y el consumo oportuno y permanente de los mismos, en cantidad, calidad e inocuidad por parte de todas las personas, bajo condiciones que permitan su adecuada utilizacion biologica para llevar una vida saludable y activa" (18) .
Under the agreement in principle, KSS will acquire Takata's assets, except for certain assets and operations that relate to the company's manufacturing and sale of phase-stabilised ammonium nitrate airbag inflators (collectively, the PSAN Assets).
d e of In a major speech on Tuesday to mark Living Wage Week, Mr Miliband will say: "The Tories are indifferent to millions of families being locked into a permanent cycle of low PSAN Living wages and poverty.
As examples, blends of PC with PS (16, 17), PMMA (9, 10), and PSAN (8, 11, 36-38) can be cited.
As part of the agreement, KSS will acquire substantially all of Takata's assets, except for certain assets and operations that relate to Takata's manufacturing and sale of phase-stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN) airbag inflators (the PSAN Assets).