PSAOPenn State Anime Organization
PSAOPermanent Staff Administration Officer (UK)
PSAOPea Seedlings Amine Oxidase
PSAOPrescribed Statement of Actuarial Opinion
PSAOPrimary Staff Action Officer
PSAOPharmacy Services Administration Organization
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The enzyme eluted as a single peak, and the PSAO activity in the probe was determined amperometrically.
The molecular mass of PSAO was determined by gel filtration at 4[degrees]C using a Sephadex G-200 column ([empty set] = 1.
Cardinal Health offers PSAOs for independents and small chains.
With the PSAO, Sav-Mor is "the chain of independents," the company's website says.
Additionally, Cardinal Health helps its PSAO retail member pharmacies navigate this new value-based environment through Reach for the Stars.
A component of the PSAO was the company's InSite, which consisted of data collected from various vendors.
Any Good Neighbor Pharmacy that's part of our PSAO can log into their computer, send a claim, and it's going to be adjudicated.
We recognize that no one can do everything alone, so we most recently partnered with American Associated Pharmacies to create a new PSAO [pharmacy services administrative organization] called Arete Pharmacy Network, with scalable options," Meriweather says.
GNP's Elevate Provider Network is a data-driven PSAO (pharmacy services administrative organization) with a balanced approach that allows members to operate profitably and provide good patient care.
AccessHealth is viewed as the top-performing PSAO (pharmacy services administrative organization) by several pharmacy benefits managers and plans, and continues to strive to maintain this status.
The company said the revamped PSAO, renamed the Elevate Provider Network, will help community pharmacies address key challenges --including pressure on profit margins, narrow networks and slimmer reimbursements--while better positioning their businesses for growth.