PSAOPenn State Anime Organization
PSAOPermanent Staff Administration Officer (UK)
PSAOPea Seedlings Amine Oxidase
PSAOPrescribed Statement of Actuarial Opinion
PSAOPrimary Staff Action Officer
PSAOPharmacy Services Administration Organization
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The PSAO specific activity in enzyme preparations was determined as IU per 1 mg protein.
First, the specific activity of PSAO in the extract of pea seedlings towards 1,5-diaminopentane was studied during the germination of pea seeds to find the optimal time for harvesting.
The efficiency of purification at different steps was characterized as PSAO specific activity per 1 mg enzyme preparation and the percentage of the recovery of total PSAO activity.
The specific activity of PSAO towards various substrates (Table 2) was studied both in crude and purified enzyme preparations and characterized with the calculated [K.
For the purification of PSAO we followed the three-step protocol [13], which revealed 35-fold purification with the yield of 52%.
1 M KCl according to the electrochemical determination of the specific activity of PSAO (Fig.
The PSAO activity was detected in a single narrow peak of the elution volume.
The catalytic properties of PSAO did not change during the purification process.