PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point
PSAPPersonal Sound Amplification Product
PSAPPresentation Layer Service Access Point
PSAPParticipant Statistical Areas Program (US Census Bureau)
PSAPPedestrian Safety Action Plan (various locations)
PSAPParticle Soot Absorption Photometer
PSAPPresentation Service Access Point
PSAPPublic Service Access Point
PSAPProstate Specific Acid Phosphatase (prostate enzyme)
PSAPPersonnel Security Assurance Program
PSAPPharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Position
PSAPPrivate Sector Advisory Panel (ICAC)
PSAPProvisions pour Sinistres A Payer (French)
PSAPPriority Substances Assessment Program (Canada)
PSAPProspective Special Access Programs (USAF)
PSAPPower Sector Action Programme (Damascus, Syria)
PSAPProvincial Software Acquisition Program (Canada)
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The E6951A PSAP emulator also enables a Live Network Mode.
However, the lowest-priced PSAP made hearing worse than unaided hearing, the researchers reported (JAMA, July 4, 2017).
NICE is excited to announce the recipients of its 2017 PSAPs Finest Awards, a recognition program for emergency communications professionals now in its 12th year.
Three new features will allow PSAPs to decrease Call Handling times, ease Calltakers' workloads and lessen costs.
You can buy a PSAP online from the manufacturer or Amazon.
PSAP level 1 takes over the emergency call 112 from the communication networks (this call is a priority in all communication networks) and, after a brief analysis, it distributes it through its network which is more reliable than other communication networks, to a PSAP level2 for intervention.
The PSAP attendant in addition to answering the emergency call also uses the 8, 10, or 20 digit # or the equivalent 'key' to access many location databases - Selective Router (SR), Master Street Address Guide, or the Automatic Location Identifier (ALI) - that provide more specific location of the caller (street address, building floor, suite, latitude/longitude, etc.
A PSAP can help in one-on-one conversations," says Barton, "or in small group settings when socializing or playing board or card games, such as bridge.
The players have been forced to go beyond the limits of tolerance and patience and are tired of hearing only promises," PSAP said.
The latest version of NICE Inform enables PSAPs to create complete incident reconstruction by importing video from smartphones, in-car video systems, and third party video surveillance systems, and by integrating other information like voice recordings, screen recordings, and related multimedia.
The need to transfer emergency calls to the appropriate PSAP is becoming a common requirement as the prevalence of vehicle telematics and portable tracking/monitoring devices increases, and more health/insurance organizations establish member assistance call centers.
Worcester, selectmen said, is applying for grants for the planning process of a proposal to become a host for a PSAP or regional dispatch facility for the area.