PSARPPosterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (cancer procedure)
PSARPPrivate Sector Accounting Reform Project (United States Agency for International Development)
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While PSARP by Alberto Pena and Devries is popular since reported in 1980 (3,5) but the prone position is not a convenient and comfortable for dissecting the plane between rectum and vagina, which lies more anteriorly.
Another patient died on next of PSARP following fits & fever at age of six months.
In one of them incomplete diversion of faeces was noted after PSARP.
Additionally, both doctors travel the world teaching and performing the PSARP.
Sixteen patients had mesenteric fat pulled along with the bowel during PSARP, whereas in 10 of them there was no inadvertently pulled mesenteric fat detected on MRI.
Presence of peritoneal fat inadvertently pulled along with the rectum was shown to play significant contribution on the continence mechanism of the patients after PSARP.
In our series we have performed 8 anoplasty, 6 cut back V-Y Anoplasty, 11 V-Y Anoplasty, 5 limited PSARP and 8 primary limited PSARP.