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PSATPreliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
PSATPuget Sound Action Team
PSATPowertrain System Analysis Toolkit (simulation software; Argonne National Laboratory; Illinois; US Department of Energy)
PSATParticulate Source Apportionment Technology
PSATPredicted Site Acquisition Table
PSATPrinceton South Asian Theatrics
PSATPacific Situation Assessment Team (DoD)
PSATProtective and Security Operations on Australian Territory
PSATPublic Safety Assist Trust
PSATPublic Safety Assistance Trust, Inc. (Ocala, FL)
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The WSARA PSAT represented all stakeholders, not just logisticians.
Fish were netted and brought on deck where the hook location was noted, the hook removed, total length measured, and the PSAT attached before the fish was returned to the water (air exposure time less than two minutes).
The state requires all students to take the ACT or assessments leading up to the ACT (EXPLORE in grade 8 or 9, PLAN in grade 10) or the SAT or PSAT.
Many colleges use the PSAT to begin recruiting students.
Because it would be impossible to build and test every different power train option manually, PSAT provides the modeling and simulation capabilities for automotive designers to quickly examine the multitudes of possible configurations and understand the impacts of performance and fuel economy.
The iQuest is geared to students from fifth through 12th grades and provides study materials based on textbooks used in classrooms, as well as standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.
We recommend taking the PSAT to learn where you need improvement.
To help students reach their maximum potential on the PSAT and increase their eligibility for this merit-based aid, Kaplan Test Prep has again partnered with Testive, an adaptive test development company, to create the first-ever adaptive 60-minute practice PSAT that can reliably predict a test-taker's score.
The latest PSAT results were officially released Monday, but wading through scores and terminology can prove almost as stressful as the test itself.
academic scholarship competition administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) and provides students who receive exemplary PSAT scores with potential scholarship awards.
They join 34,000 top scorers nationwide to receive this distinction based on their performance on the 2011 PSAT.
AP) -- New Mexico high school students will get more access to advanced placement classes and he able to take the PSAT for free under a plan unveiled by Gov.