PSATSPennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors
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I urge PSATS to fix this problem and for DCED to immediately take steps to implement all of the recommendations of the special investigation report.
He also provided copies to the other state agencies, in addition to DCED, with previous or current contracts with PSATS, including the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Labor and Industry, and the Department of Transportation.
Wagner's investigators determined that DCED employees accepted meals, hotel lodging, and conference expenses from PSATS totaling $2,716, including eleven meals during the time when the competitive proposals were being evaluated.
17 Percent Surcharges on Pass-Through Payments to Third Parties - PSATS added a 17 percent surcharge to all billings, consisting of a 9 percent surcharge to cover "overhead" and an 8 percent surcharge to cover "administrative costs".
No Itemized Costs For Training Classes - PSATS billed DCED for the aggregate costs of all training classes provided in a particular time period, and DCED failed to require PSATS to itemize the costs for each individual training class, thereby making it impossible to determine whether PSATS gave proper credit for all registration fees collected from attendees of the training classes.
Consequently, DCED reimbursed PSATS for excessive and unreasonable costs.
The findings and recommendations presented in the special investigation report are intended to not only provide guidance to DCED when drafting and entering into future contracts for training services, but also to assist DCED in its monitoring of the current contract with PSATS and to serve as a basis for DCED to withhold future payments to PSATS until it provides the information necessary to prove that it has not overbilled the commonwealth," Wagner said.
In addition, DCED staff met with PSATS in 2008 to discuss contract issues and developed a new set of guidelines that were adopted and included as part of the PSATS training contract.
The guidelines will also ensure that PSATS follows commonwealth policies on travel and meal reimbursement rates and requires PSATS to find the most cost effective but suitable facilities to conduct future training programs.
I have seen first-hand the dramatic effect PSATS has had on what this Administration has accomplished," Gov.
Schweiker also commended PSATS for donating $5,000 to establish a permanent memorial for the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93 at Stonycreek Township, Somerset County.