PSAdtProstate Specific Antigen Doubling Time
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In my view, not only would a therapy that can increase PSADT in a majority of patients obviously be extremely valuable in the therapeutic sense, but there is the possibility that monitoring PSADT can help identify patients that may require additional more aggressive treatment regimens due to inability to decrease PSA velocity.
For the ADT modelling, [15] used the nonlinear Wiener Process to model PSADT, and [8] used the nonlinear Wiener Process to optimize sample size allocation for ADT.
Postulating an exponential rather than linear PSA increase and a PSADT of <12 months in these men presenting with PSA>100 at the age of 50 years, it is clear that to detect cancer at a potentially curable stage (PSA <20 ng/ml) would have required PSA testing at the age of 40, or even earlier.
The primary end point was effect on PSA variables, such as change in PSADT.
PSADT was a good indicator of subsequent poor clinical outcomes, including cancer developing in other parts of the body or death related to prostate cancer.
The median pre-treatment PSADT for the 21 evaluable patients was 6.
Patients with a rapid PSADT (<8 months) are at risk for developing earlier metastases.
5) PD, n (%) Clinical stage [greater PSADT <2 years than or equal to]T3a Patients with 2 (18.
In this phase II pilot study of 10 men whose prostate cancer had returned after an initial treatment with surgery or radiation, PSADT increased in eight (80%) of the 10 men after taking MCP for 12 months.
As the distribution of doubling times were highly skewed, with a median positive PSAdt of 2.
STUDY NAME RESULTS ADDITIONAL INFO D9905 Phase II, 72% (13 of 18) Of 13 with open label study evaluable patients increased 22,33 prolonged PSADT PSADT, 5 had with 62% increase PSADT > 12 [4.