PSCAProstate Stem Cell Antigen
PSCAProfit Sharing/401(K) Council of America
PSCAPacific Street Car Association
PSCAPhilippine State College of Aeronautics (also seen as PhilSCA)
PSCAPhilippine School of Culinary Arts
PSCAProtein Sequence Comparative Analysis
PSCAPublic Safety Communications Association (est. 1989)
PSCAParts Stress Count Analysis (British Telecom)
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Of nonprofit employers, 75 percent of them offer target-date plans, according to the PSCA survey.
2, CK7, CK20, CK17, CK19); (2) mucin gene products (MUC1, MUC2, MUC4, MUC5AC, MUC6); (3) tumor suppressor genes and transcription factors (p53, DPC4/SMAD4, CDX2, pVHL); and (4) tumor-associated proteins (S100P, IMP-3, maspin, mesothelin, claudin 4, claudin 18, annexin A8, fascin, PSCA, MOC31, CEA, CA19-9).
However, the cellular function of PSCA in prostate cancer is not clear.
For instance, Fidelity reported that 75 percent of eligible employees participate in their employers' retirement plans, and the PSCA reported an 83 percent participation rate.
The Act of 1990 that implements the PSCA in Spanish local governments states that local governments with more than 50,000 inhabitants must provide information about the effort and accomplishment of services delivered in the financial report.
PSCA president David Wray says that changes in retirement plan testing that went into effect last year are a factor in the increase.
David Plummer, a former military chaplain and PSCA "chaplaincy consultant.
To bring these organizations essential information on how others are managing their 403(b) retirement programs, the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) and Principal Financial Group([R]) announce the fifth annual PSCA 403(b) Plan Survey.
The centerpiece of the PSCA is an open, international tender process to identify and select an independent power provider to privately fund, construct, own, and operate a power plant to supply electricity, with Oyu Tolgoi as the primary consumer.
Many of the country's top professional shooters competed against one another, for the honor of winning the inaugural PSCA tour event.
The PSCA completed a 2009 survey called, Impact of Economic Conditions on 403(b) Plans.
Martin Davies, of Dingle Street, Oldbury, made compensation claims for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation against former employers PSCA International of Hagley Road, Birmingham.