PSCBPrivate Sector Consultative Board (London, UK; International Coffee Organization)
PSCBPetroleum Sports Control Board (India)
PSCBPublic Sector Capacity Building (UN Development Programme)
PSCBPunjab State Cooperative Bank (Chandigarh, India)
PSCBProtected Step Control Block (computing)
PSCBPorto Seguro Convention Bureau (Porto Seguro, Brazil)
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The team will be called PSCB FC and we are looking for players with decent ability, aged 16-plus.
The Positively Coffee Working Group consists of representatives of Coffee Science Information Centre on Coffee and Health (COSIC), ICO, Physiological Effects of Coffee Group (PEC), a group of medical, scientific and technical personnel which is a scientific sub group of ISIC (Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee), Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), and the PSCB.
Dr Mahmood-ur-Rehaman Ansari General Secretary, PSCB, also spoke on the occasion and gave inspiring speech to students and highlighted the pivotal role of science in national development.
The organizing committee, members of PSCB and PSCS announced Summer Scholarships for high school students to promote research activities at school level.