PSCLPolitical Science Computational Laboratory (Stanford University; California)
PSCLPlastic Strapping Company Ltd. (UK)
PSCLPiano Spostamenti Casa Lavoro (Italian: Telecommuting Plan)
PSCLPublic School Contracts Law (New Jersey)
PSCLPrimary Strategy Consultant Leaders (educational leadership development; UK)
PSCLPervasive Services Class Library (Pervasive Software Inc.)
PSCLPreoperative Serum Creatinine Level
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3) The planned order release schedules of an MRP system would determine when materials should be entered into the PSCL system using procedures similar to those described by Weiss[7].
In the same way this control technique can be extended to a PSCL environment.
A PSCL environment should enable the problems to be identified and made the subject of continuous improvement exercises, for example:
In a PSCL environment problems with long set-up times will present themselves as an inability of a cell to maintain its lead time cycle.
A PSCL environment would provide a suitable environment for the removal of "non value-adding" service tasks such as maintenance, work planning and quality control.
Integrated MRP/kanban planning and control tools are now established practice at a number of organizations and these procedures would be required within a PSCL environment because of the variety of items being processed and the irregularity of component purchase lead times, order quantities and demand patterns.