PSCNProgram Support Communications Network
PSCNPermanent System Control Number
PSCNPublic Service Commission of Nevada
PSCNProposed Specification Change Notice
PSCNPacket-Switch Communications Network
PSCNProfound Severe and Complex Needs
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The most portable PSCN will likely be connected with the other PSCN (docking station) wirelessly, allowing the necessary mobility.
To gain full mobility, the PSCN will need to deal with the user's conversational voice.
Although many of the specific components to implement the PSCN from a hardware standpoint have yet to be invented or perfected, that is not particularly worrisome.
Conceptually, the PSCN (which knows each user's identity) could then locate each user's data regardless of where it is situated.
ff the PSCN can be aware of itself and its peers, it can also be aware of the user.
If the PSCN is responding to the user's conversational voice rather than to the pointing and clicking of a mouse, GUI representations will diminish in importance.
Some authors feel that PMP and PSCN represent the same entity, which should be separated from true IMT.
6,20,43,46) Some PMPs and PSCNs show positive immunohistochemistry for ALK and/or express ALK gene rearrangements.