PSCSPaul Smith Computer Services (England, UK)
PSCSProject Supervisor Construction Stage (various organizations)
PSCSPuget Sound Community School (Seattle, WA)
PSCSPower Supply Current Signature
PSCSPhotoshop Creative Suite
PSCSSenior Chief Personnel Specialist
PSCSProduction Statistics Collection System
PSCSSenior Chief Port Security Specialist (USCG rating)
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The t test and analysis of variance were used in comparing the nurses' PSCS scores according to their sociodemographic characteristics.
A significant difference was found in the nurses' score averages of the PSCS who chose to work on their units, compared to those who did not choose their unit.
The shift on which they worked (days or nights) and receiving patient safety education were found to affect the PSCS total score of the OR nurses.
The PSCS has offered to allow Palestinian cement companies to increase the price of each cubic meter of ready made cement to 350 Shekels (the current rate is 300 Shekels).
The PSCS enjoys a monopoly of the cement imported from Nasher Israel Cement Enterprises and PSCS makes 80 Shekels profit from a single ton of cement without taking the newly proposed price increase into account," he said.
The PSCS wants to make the most possible profit without making any kind of effort," he stressed.
The owners of ready-made cement companies in the West Bank have invited the PSCS to hire staff to manage the proposed factories with the owners happy with 20 Shekels profit per cubic meter of cement.
Moatasem Malouh, an owner of a ready made cement factory, said that the PSCS has ended up in a financially embarrassing situation because the PSCS's agreement with the Israeli cement factory stipulates that the PSCS should import a huge amount of cement which it cannot store.
Unless the companies restart their operations, the PSCS will be in a critical situation," he told Gulf News.
Lot 2(e) includes works where the applicant is Contractor, PSCS, and works which involve Confined Space Entry and Temporary traffic Management.
Lot 2(f) includes works where the applicant is Contractor, PSDP, and PSCS, and works which involve Confined Space Entry and Temporary traffic Management.