PSCTProblem-Solving Communication Training (behavioral science)
PSCTPeripheral Stem Cell Transplantation
PSCTPlane Strain Compression Test (engineering test)
PSCTPort Side Container Terminal
PSCTPublic Service Company Tax
PSCTPark Slope Christian Tabernacle
PSCTPolymer Stabilized Cholesteric Textured
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With a PSCT, everything is concentrated on that one product - batch records, materials control, environmental monitoring, testing, release testing - it's all concentrated for that one patient, and then it all has to be repeated for the next patient.
Liability orders were granted but as PSCT has no assets, the sum will not be paid.
Abbreviations: CR = clinical reminder, DSS = Decision Support System, GLM = generalized linear model, NDE = National Data Extract, OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom, OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom, OR = odds ratio, PNS = polytrauma network site, POC = point of contact, PRC = polytrauma rehabilitation center, PSCT = polytrauma support clinic team, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, SCI = spinal cord injury, TBI = traumatic brain injury, VA = Department of Veteran Affairs.
Consistent with these requirements, the clinician who implemented PSCT is a licensed clinical social worker who has extensive experience working with families.
The two-tier PSCT was developed to measure the degree of students' conceptual change in physical science conceptions.
The PSCT has also developed policies for Mason that identify three classifications of data and levels of responsibility for data ownership.
It is important to include PSCT, which shows epithelioid arrangements of tumor cells with clear-to-pale eosinophilic cytoplasm, in the differential diagnosis of omentary and mesenchymal tumors.
The Portland VA Health Care System serves as a PSCT managing the least severe TBI patients in an outpatient setting, which is one explanation for the lower incidence of self-reported symptoms in the Portland VA population.
Dan Canavan, recreation events chairman of the ECS and PSCT president said, "In addition to fine dining and entertainment, Atlantic City offers goif, fishing, and other activities.
Registration fees are $175 for PSCT members; $205 for non-members who wish to join the Society upon registering; and $225 for non-members.
Registration for the symposium is $175 for PSCT members; $205 for non-members wishing to join the Society upon registration; and $225 for non-members who will not be joining the Society.