PSCWPublic Service Commission of Wisconsin
PSCWPrague Stringology Club Workshop (Czech Republic)
PSCWPartners of Scott County Watersheds (Davenport, IA)
PSCWPanoche/Silver Creek Watershed (California)
PSCWPolitieke Sociale en Culturele Wetenschappen (Political, Social, and Cultural Sciences)
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Base Rate Freeze: In September 2017, the PSCW approved a settlement entered into by Wisconsin Public Service with several of its industrial and commercial customers that will keep electric and natural gas base rates frozen through 2019.
The PSCW review is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016.
ATC currently expects to file an application to build the line with the PSCW in 2013, and the project is currently estimated to cost $425 million.
PSCW approval is conditional on Alliant Energy obtaining other state and federal permitting approvals necessary to construct, operate and connect the Riverside Expansion to the transmission system.
In October 2011, the PSCW Staff filed testimony and recommended an electric rate increase of $18.
WEPCO stated it would proceed with a traditional rate filing in 2011 if the PSCW rejects the proposal.
Spicer added that the most recent PSCW Strategic Energy Assessment indicated the state would not have a surplus of electric capacity by mid-2018, primarily due to the planned retirement of older coal-fired plants in the state.
Favorably, legislation in Wisconsin stated that the PSCW may not modify or terminate a leased generation contract once it has been approved, and the ROE and capital structure, once established, are fixed for the life of the contracts.
All other company operations and maintenance budgets remain under strict cost controls at levels set by the PSCW in January 2011.
We are pleased that the PSCW has approved our proposal, said Patricia Kampling, Alliant Energy Chairman, President and CEO.
The PSCW is predicted to have a decision on the retail electric and gas base rate freeze proposal in the second quarter of 2014.
12, 2011, the PSCW issued its final decision in the case, approving an increase of $21.