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PSDEPakistan Society of Development Economists
PSDEPower Systems Design Europe (magazine)
PSDEPeriodensystem der Elemente (German: Periodic Table)
PSDEPhilippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy
PSDEPrivate Sector Development in the Electric Power Sector (World Bank)
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Most important of all conferences like the PSDE are for developing collegiality, intellectual networks, and idea and policy coalitions.
Of the 26 years that PSDE has been meeting we have been in a Fund programme for about 22 years.
I would like to thank you Deputy Chairman and Past President of the PSDE for your time to inaugurate the meeting.
Distinguished Members, I am happy to announce that next year PIDE and the PSDE will celebrate the Golden Jubilee of The Pakistan Development Review, more popularly known as the PDR.
Welcome Remarks and Secretary's report will be presented by Dr Muslehud Din, Secretary, PSDE.
The annual meetings of the PSDE, hosted by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), have come to represent the largest independent forums in the country for the interaction of scholars, policy-makers and the persons connected with the development process.
The PSDE is the only Pakistani professional association of economists, and social scientists that provides an institutional framework to professional and research development.
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 23rd Annual General Meeting and Conference of PSDE.
The PSDE is highly indebted to all its members for their continued interest and support to maintain its professional standing, which is also owed to the hard work and devotion of a group of people at PIDE, in particular to the dynamic leadership at the top, whose constant guidance and direction has steered the Society safely on the road to success over the years.
It is my honour and privilege to present the Secretary's report this year and to welcome you all to the 18th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the PSDE.
I have looked to presenting the Secretary's Report ever since I took ever as Secretary of the PSDE, following in the steps of Dr A.
Chairperson: Mian Muhammad Yasin Khan Wattoo, Federal Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and Patron-in-Chief, PSDE,