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PSDEPakistan Society of Development Economists
PSDEPower Systems Design Europe (magazine)
PSDEPeriodensystem der Elemente (German: Periodic Table)
PSDEPhilippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy
PSDEPrivate Sector Development in the Electric Power Sector (World Bank)
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Na primeira sessao da segunda semana, os dois grupos realizaram novas coletas de sangue, e foram submetidos novamente ao teste e reteste de 1RM estimado, as medidas do PB, AAE, AAF, PSDE, PSDP.
I would like to thank the participants, Abdul Jalil, my discussant at the PSDE conference, as well as Trevor Evans, HansjOrg Herr and Bea Rouff.
Talking to reporter, Dr Imran said the PSDE arranged the conference annually which was attended by scholars from all over the world besides Pakistan.
The 3 day conference entitled "Economic Reforms for Productivity, Innovation and Growth "has been organized by PSDE in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Economic development to discuss the economic problem faced by Pakistan and suggest remedial measures.
On behalf of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics and the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 30th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the PSDE.
In his inaugural address Dr Nadeem-ul Haque particularly hailed PIDE for organizing 26th AGM & Conference of PSDE which surely contributes in developing constructive ideas and debates in Pakistan's economic policy making.
The earlier version of this paper is presented at the 30th AGM and Conference 2014, PSDE, PIDE, Islamabad.
Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor PIDE and President PSDE, Dr.
PSDE is a forum where leading professional economists, other social scientists, and policy-makers can exchange ideas on vital economic and social issues facing Pakistan.
Paper presented in 25th AGM PSDE, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad.
According to a statement of the PSDE issued here on Monday, its annual moot is expected attendance of more than 500 economists, researchers, policy-makers and students of economics, senior government officials.
In his presidential speech, Dr Rashid Amjad, President PSDE and Vice Chancellor, PIDE highlighted building role of PIDE by analysing critical national and global economic issues over the past 25 years.