PSDQPhysical Self Description Questionnaire
PSDQParenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire
PSDQPublic Sector Development Queensland (Industry Training Advisory Body; Australia)
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Table 1 represents the means and standard deviations of the PSDQ subscales based on age and sex of the participants.
Significant univariate main effects of age occurred in the health, physical activity, body fat, sport competence, general physical self-concept, strength, and endurance subscales of the PSDQ (p < .
This study examined age and sex differences in physical self-concept of Turkish students by using multidimensional physical self-concept scales of the PSDQ.
To examine parenting styles, a 2 x 2 MANOVA was performed on the PSDQ total scale scores, including authoritative, permissive, and authoritarian styles (see Table 2).
Boys had higher self-concept than girls in every dimension of the PSDQ with the exception of flexibility, where there was no difference between the sexes.
The PSDQ consists of fifty-four items and is measured on a 6-point scale ranging from (1) "false" to (6) "true.