PSDRPersonnel Services Delivery Redesign
PSDRParty of Social Democracy in Romania
PSDRPublic Sector Debt Repayment (UK)
PSDRPreliminary System Design Review
PSDRPublic Safety and Disaster Relief
PSDRPortable Shine-Dalgarno Region (genetics)
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As a result of the higher PSDR applied to as-spun sample I, the tensile strength of precursor I increased to 1.
29) In the 2000 elections, PDSR formed an alliance with PSDR and PUR-SL, running under the laberl "Pole for Social Democracy in Romania", with the PDSR acronym.
The March 1990 Budget originally set the PSDR at 6.
In 1995, another electoral alliance for the 1996 elections was created, USD (the Social Democratic Union), comprising PD (former FSN, conducted by Petre Roman) and PSDR (Romanian Social Democratic Party).
PSDR replaced the legacy structure that used multiple layers of paperwork that made personnel processing tedious, time-consuming, and slow.
Les huit articles de ce numero special furent initialement choisis par un panel, preside par le Professeur Amedee Mollard, coordinateur scientifique du programme PSDR de l'INRA, en tant que contributions potentielles a la RCSR.
The March 1990 Budget projects a PSDR of 7 billion [pounds] in 1990/91, or 2 billion [pounds] excluding privatisation proceeds.
Ensure that division G-1s maintain constant contact with the BCTs to ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations under PSDR.
Given the actual [Br pound]5 billion deficit to September of this year (in a period of fairly buoyant GDP growth) this PSDR forecast could prove optimistic.
The PSDR is projected to be about the same as realised in the previous financial year; excluding privatisation proceeds, the budget surplus is expected to rise by some 2 pounds billion.
For the first time since the inception of PSDR, all deployed brigade headquarters will have the organic essential personnel service (EPS) capabilities that previously resided in the personnel services battalions (PSBs) of the legacy divisions.
Cet article a fait l'objet, sous une version legerement differente, d'une presentation au Symposium international << Territoires et enjeux du developpement regional >> organise par l'INRA Programme Transversal PSDR Lyon, 9 au 11 mars 2005.