PSDUPhysical layer Service Data Unit
PSDUPower Switching and Distribution Unit
PSDUPersonnel Services Delivery Unit (UK)
PSDUPLCP (Physical Layer Convergence Procedure) Service Data Unit (networking)
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The confirm SFD block acquires the PSDU length and notifies the MAC layer of the PSDU obtained from the receiver.
Octets 1 variable Frame length Reserved Preamble SFD (7 bits) (1 bit) PSDU SHR PHR PHY payload
The PSDU is formed with the MAC frame header, the MAC frame body and Frame Check Sequence (FCS) and is transmitted after PLCP header using one of four different data rates.
The aMinMPDUOverhead is the minimum number of bytes added by the MAC sublayer to the PSDU and has a constant of 9.