PSEAPennsylvania State Education Association
PSEAPublic Safety Employees Association (Alaska, USA)
PSEAPrevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
PSEAPlatform System Engineering Agent (job title)
PSEAPointing and Safemode Electronics Assembly
PSEAPayload Safing and Electronics Assembly
PSEAPublic Service Employees Act (Canada)
PSEAPublic Service Employees' Association
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PSEA also provides telephony services to tenants that rent space in PSEA-owned buildings and has decided to rollout ShoreTel Connect CLOUD to these tenants.
61) PSEA, supra note 8 at s 113(1), 117 (section 113(1) forbids public service employees from engaging in political activities that "impair" or are "perceived as impairing the employee's ability to perform his or her duties in a politically impartial manner" while s 117 prohibits deputy heads from engaging in any political activity other than voting).
The PSEA is expected to improve the drinking water supply and sanitation (DWSS) access rate; reduce by at least one half, cases of malaria and diarrhoeal diseases; lower health-related expenses; and create approximately 5,000 temporary jobs and 500 permanent jobs, of which 2,500 for women and 300 for youth.
The study concluded that temporary services had become permanent and argued that long-term resourcing needs should be addressed through staffing mechanisms pursuant to the PSEA.
Las fuentes de informacion sobre los eventos del PSEA estudiados se obtuvieron de tres bases de datos de investigaciones desarrolladas en el municipio de Lanus, coordinadas por el colectivo de investigacion de la Maestria en Epidemiologia, Gestion y Politicas de Salud, de la Universidad Nacional de Lanus.
Being outside the PSEA means that they are separate employers that have the flexibility to recruit external candidates and to determine how to market their organization to both clients and potential employees.
The real measure of achievement is not a PSEA trophy but what programs do to improve the quality of life for the public.
PSEA categories include: Federal, State, City, County, Intergovernmental, International and Community Service.
Practitioners from several practitioner groups were represented, including the PSPA (Philadelphia and Bucks-Montgomery Chapters), PSEA, TSPBA and PICPA, similar surveys are under consideration for other geographical areas.
The PSEA alone has a current operating budget of approximately $85 million.
For many staffing actions, the discretion offered by the new PSEA has not led to more effective and timely staffing.
Direccion: Instituto de Investigaciones Medicas- PSEA.