PSEAPennsylvania State Education Association
PSEAPublic Safety Employees Association (Alaska, USA)
PSEAPrevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
PSEAPlatform System Engineering Agent (job title)
PSEAPointing and Safemode Electronics Assembly
PSEAPayload Safing and Electronics Assembly
PSEAPublic Service Employees' Association
PSEAPublic Service Employees Act (Canada)
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61) PSEA, supra note 8 at s 113(1), 117 (section 113(1) forbids public service employees from engaging in political activities that "impair" or are "perceived as impairing the employee's ability to perform his or her duties in a politically impartial manner" while s 117 prohibits deputy heads from engaging in any political activity other than voting).
The real measure of achievement is not a PSEA trophy but what programs do to improve the quality of life for the public.
These PSEA executives are building barriers between safer, better schools and merit-based teacher's pay," added Spielman.
These discount programs are exclusively for PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) members and the parents and children of PSEA members.
While raising dues on teachers and other school employees more than 11 percent last year, the PSEA also pays 141 union staff more than $100,000 in salary.
Raytheon has been the SSDS PSEA since 2008, providing ongoing maintenance, upgrades and lifecycle support for both new ship programs as well as legacy ships.
Most recently, the company was awarded a $9 million modification to the previously awarded Platform Systems Engineering Agent contract to exercise options for fiscal 2011 Ship Self-Defense System PSEA efforts.
The members of CLEAR - AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, PSEA, APSCUF, FFA, UFCW and PFT - have mounted a statewide grassroots campaign to mobilize Pennsylvanians in the fight for a fair budget that is not balanced on the backs of the poor and the middle class.
Tender notice number : ADG/E/SZ/PUR/24/ PSEA /2015-16
Tender notice number : ADG(E)(SZ)/PUR/24/ PSEA /2015-16
Tenders are invited for Consultant to Evaluate the PSEA Pilot Project to establish Inter-Agency Community-Based Complaint Mechanisms (CBCMs)