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PSECPuget Sound Engineering Council (Washington)
PSECProvably Secure Elliptic Curve (public key encryption)
PSECPublic Safety Enterprise Communication (California)
PSECPurdue Student Education Council (Indiana)
PSECPlastic Surgery Education Campaign (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
PSECProcess Systems Engineering Consortium (various universities)
PSECPressure Switch End Cap (TacStar)
PSECProfessional Staff Executive Committee (Columbia University)
PSECPower System Education Committee (IEEE Power Engineering Society)
PSECPublic Services Executive Committee (Cornell University)
PSECPolling Station Electoral Commission (Russian Federation)
PSECPlease See Embedded Comments (email)
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7%) and consists of 549 MW of owned generation assets including the Marion and PSEC units, and 38 MW in power purchase agreements with Southeastern Power Administration (28 MW) and Pioneer Trail Wind Farm (10 MW).
With slowed kwh sales growth, higher than projected PSEC final power production cost ($60.
For measurements of Figures 5-8 (numerically equivalent to Figures 2 and 3 in Part I) a fast TDR rise time of 40 psec was applied aiming for high-bandwidth and accurate impedance data.
COMPROMISED PSEC OPERATIONS: With members' reliance on PSEC for the majority of their power supply and NIMPA's high (PSEC-related) debt burden, failure of the project to adequately operate could result in negative rating pressure for NIMPA.
In addition to the PSEC project and MoPEP 1, MJMEUC has interests in the Plum Point and Iatan 2 projects.
Notice that with the lumped model (FIGURE 7), most edges are very smooth, indicating the low pass filter (LPF) effect (model is not suitable for 200 psec edge rates on the net).
The PSEC project has experienced several months of delays and cost overruns; however, Unit 1 was commissioned in June 2012 after having passed several performance and environmental tests.
010", so that the contribution to line-to-line skew from length variation is kept below 2 psec, in the belief that this will guarantee a low skew.
The system expects to benefit from lower-cost PSEC power over time.
A signal starting out with a 1 psec rise time will have a rise time of about 100 psec after traveling 10 inches.
Recent borrowings at IMPA are related to the construction of two new coal-fired plants: PSEC, and Trimble County 2, a 750MW unit, which went into service earlier this year.
FIGURE 1 depicts an example of a time domain clock signal with a clock frequency of 1 GHz and a rise time of 1 psec.