PSEGPublic Service Enterprise Group
PSEGPublic Service Electric and Gas (also seen as PSE&G; Newark, NJ)
PSEGPeak Systolic Ejection Gradient (cardiology)
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Short comes to PSEG from CECP: The CEO Force for Good, where she served as Managing Director, Corporate Leadership.
The PSEG Halifax Solar Energy Center has a 15-year power purchase agreement with Virginia Electric and Power Co.
PSEG (NYSE: PEG), a publicly traded diversified energy company, has named Daniel Eichhorn as its president and COO of PSEG Long Island, effective October 2, 2017, replacing David Daly who has been elected president and COO of PSE&G.
PSEG has largely turned its focus to gas and its nuclear facilities; it is currently investing more than $600 million in a new state-of-the-art combined-cycled gas plant in Sewaren, New Jersey, as well as new plants in Connecticut and Maryland.
PSEG employs 10,000 workers total, with approximately 1,650 working in the headquarters building.
21 July 2010 - Moody's has discontinued the ratings on PSEG Energy Holdings LLC, a fully-controlled unit of US utility Public Service Enterprise Group Inc (NYSE:PEG), or PSEG.
PSEG has found that its efforts can be more effective by being part of an overall strategy based on operational excellence, financial strength and disciplined investment.
PSEG Fossil is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.
The two companies also announced that three senior leaders from Exelon, who have been in place at Salem and Hope Creek since the inception of the services agreement in January, 2005, will leave Exelon and become PSEG employees effective January 1, 2007.
We are pleased that companies like PSEG and Camptown Bus Lines have voluntarily stepped up to the plate to achieve cleaner air for our school children," said NJDEP commissioner Bradley Campbell.
The 'F2' short-term IDR and commercial paper rating on PSEG and PSE&G were affirmed.
on this project, a best-in-class partner, said Diana Drysdale, president of PSEG Solar Source.