PSELFEXTPower Sum Equal Level Far End Cross Talk
PSELFEXTPower Sum Equal Level Far-End Cross-Talk
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The additional parameters include PSNEXT, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT and Return Loss.
Glossary ATM asynchronous transfer mode ELFEXT equal level far-end crosstalk FEXT far-end crosstalk ISDN integrated services digital network ISO International Organization for Standardization LAN local area network NEXT near-end crosstalk OSI open systems interconnection OTDR optical time domain reflectometer POTS plain old telephone service PSELFEXT power sum equal level far-end crosstalk PSNEXT power sum near-end crosstalk TDR time-domain reflectometer TIA Telecommunications Industry Association UTP unshielded twisted pair WAN wide area network
Measurements include Wiremap, Propagation Delay, Delay Skew, Length, Attenuation, NEXT, PSNEXT, ACR, PSACR, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT, Return Loss, and Resistance.