PSEMPhilippine Society of Mining Engineers
PSEMProfessional Search Engine Marketer
PSEMProfessional Search Engine Marketing
PSEMProtocol Specification for Electronic Metering (communication with power meters)
PSEMPartial Semantics
PSEMPays Sud et Est Meditérranée
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Serge Gacad, former president of PSEM, said that under the law, mining operations should follow the four stages of exploration, construction, actual mining operation and rehabilitation.
El presente estudio analiza los cambios de cobertura y uso del suelo, ocurridos en un periodo de 20 anos en la PSEM.
05); DM, dry matter; CP, crude protein; CL, crude lipid; NFE, nitrogen free extract; PSEM, Pooled standard error of mean.
At present, he said PSEM has been conducting a campaign for schools to offer mining-related courses.
26) Coxe even suggested forming a committee within the PSEM 'to visit every ship arriving with passengers from any foreign country, in order to enquire what persons they may have on board, capable of constructing useful machines, qualified to carry on manufactures, or coming among us with a view to that kind of employment'.
La presente recherche s'inscrit dans la reflexion de l'equipe professionnelle du PSEM et du chercheur principal, sur la question du travail de la direction d'ecoles primaires dans les milieux defavorises a Montreal.
Rather than capturing a high-resolution image of the field, which is time consuming and inefficient, the PSEM instead moves the beam across this field in an array of fairly coarse steps.
PSEM fulfills the requirements for this Profit Track with impressive earnings per share growth of 168% over the past five years.
In the future, the site will have two new static converters with a power output of 40 to 50 MVA, a 132 kV PSEM substation and a 220 kV PSEM substation.
It is the common position of the ministry and PSEM that these events offend society and the education system because of the involvement of pupils, and yield the exact opposite result from what organised pupil protests seek," Kadis said.
For Enedis: 3 transformer lodges; 6 HTA rooms; 3 double HTA grids; 1 local PIT; Roofing For RTE: - PSEM building; Relaying rooms; Local batteries; Local GE; Room columns auxiliary units.
Representatives of the secondary students organisation PSEM have had meetings with the education minister -- another one is scheduled for Wednesday -- they have been invited to air their view at the House and now they have the backing of parents associations for their childish behaviour.