PSEOPost-Secondary Enrollment Options (aka Post-Secondary Education Options)
PSEOPost Secondary Education Opportunity (various states)
PSEOPanchayat Social Extension Officer
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Our analysis of data from directors of PSEO programs at the various postsecondary institutions indicated that 6% of their PSEO participants were students with disabilities.
While many assume this option is only for those who desire the most rigorous academic program, findings from our study indicate that PSEO participants also include students with special academic needs.
Whether an option such as PSEO provides that access is important to consider.
Seventy, percent of the respondents shared comments about PSEO and the participation of students with disabilities.
PSEO allows students more than just an occasional foray into the postsecondary world.
She explained, "Technically the PSEO law implies that the community-college courses should be for graduation, and once the graduation requirements are met, then that's the end of the state reimbursing the student for postsecondary courses.