PSLCPittsburgh Science of Learning Center
PSLCPrivate Sector Liaison Committee
PSLCParallel Sysplex License Charge (IBM)
PSLCPolymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystal
PSLCPublic Sector Liaison Council
PSLCPuget Sound LIDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) Consortium (Washington)
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Traded volume in PSLCs sizzled between April and December 2017, rising to Rs 126,000 crore compared with Rs 49,500 crore for the whole of last fiscal.
PSLC researchers employed a statistical analysis technique called Learning Factor Analysis (LFA) to identify KCs for each problem solving step in all Andes Physics Tutor problems in the data set (Cen, Koedinger, & Junker, 2006).
La relacion talla-peso fue mejor descrita por una regresion potencial para todos los pesos usando PT, PHV, PSV Y PSLC (Tabla 1).
3% WAEC 30 10% PSLC 48 16% TABLE 2 TYPES OF FISH FARMING TYPE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE Artificial earth ponds 102 34% Tank fishing 92 30.
The PSLC initially comprised representatives of the Kitsap County PUD, Kitsap County, the city of Seattle, the Puget Sound Regional Council, NASA, and the USGS.
The PSLC guidelines are meant to complement an MSD voluntary standard - which covers many of the same issues - drafted by the SIA, according to the SIA's Virginia Williams.
The Reserve Bank of India had comprehensively revised the priority sector guidelines in April 2015 which provided for the introduction of PSLCs as a mechanism to incentivise banks having surplus in their lending to different categories of priority sector.
PSLC dataShop (Stamper, 2011) offers an open data repository that provides access to a large number of educational datasets.
The PSLC DataShop project defines a specification for describing datasets that are derived from intelligent tutoring systems.