PSMBPembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Malaysia)
PSMBPusat Sistem Maklumat Bersepadu (Malay: Center for Integrated Information Systems)
PSMBParoisse Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys (French: Parish of Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys; Canada)
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The proteasome subunits ( PSMB ) and transporter associated with antigen processing ( TAP ) genes are responsible for immune activity and protein degradation in MHC Class I pathway.
To date, the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in PSMB and TAP genes with PD is not clear yet.
These classes—including a variety of movement practices, nutrition and other wellness-related seminars—will also be offered to anyone who would like to become part of the PSMB holistic wellness community.
Among the major initiatives of PSMB in 2006 are as follows: (a) Introduction of an SME Training Accreditation System into the Myskill Card in order for SME employers to keep a record of employee training; (b) Establishment of six training committees were established by PSMB to identify SME training needs and to ensure that courses met specific and targeted requirements; (c) Launching of the HRD Portal, a web-based portal that acts as an online training resource centre for employers, employees and training providers.
A statement from the BSP said the "creation of an industry-led self-governing body such as the PSMB is an implementation of the key NRPS principle espousing the separation of the governance of the retail payment system from the actual clearing operations.
With the launching of NRPS, the next step is in creating a Payment System Management Body or PSMB which Tetangco said is industry-led.