PSMDPublic Sector Management Division (various nations)
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PSMDPhase-Shift Mask Design
PSMDPrimary Scleroderma Myocardial Disease (cardiology)
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Irrigation scheduling impact based on PSMD on plant height was significant (P less than 0.
Deficit irrigation at 45 mm PSMD significantly lowered the number of grains per spike and it continued to decrease as potential soil moisture deficit increased.
Effect of PSMD and Sowing Date on Number of Productive Tillers
Increasing water stress from 45 mm PSMD to 75 mm PSMD has reduced the productive tillers but this reduction was statistically non-significant.
Effect of PSMD on thousand grain weight was highly significant and maximum of it was recorded with full irrigation (I1) and was at par with 45 mm PSMD (I2).
The effect of PSMD on grain yield was highly significant (pless than 0.
The performance of full irrigation was statistically similar to the treatment having a deficit level of 45 mm PSMD (I2).
Higher PSMD levels of 60 and 75 mm PSMD reduced the water use efficiency to 1.
2012) observed maximum plant height when irrigated at 50 mm PSMD.
2012) reported maximum number of grains per spike in 50 mm PSMD and grain number decreased with the increase in deficit level to 75 mm PSMD.
2012) also reported that productive tillers per unit area in 50 mm PSMD and spike bearing tillers were decreased as deficit increased to 75 mm PSMD.
2012) reported higher grain weight at 50 mm PSMD and it decreased with the increase of deficit level to 75 mm PSMD.