PSMFProtein Sparing Modified Fast (diet)
PSMFProbabilistic Sparse Matrix Factorization (algorithm)
PSMFProbabilistic Spatiotemporal Macroblock Filtering
PSMFPrazsky Svaz Maleho Fotbalu (Czech: Prague Little Football Association; Czech Republic)
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Similarly, a ten-week intervention using PSMF for eight-18 year olds demonstrated improved markers of insulin resistance and relative weight loss.
While hypo-caloric diets were common to the non-RCTs, four studies reported significant weight reduction when PSMFs were instituted as the dietary intervention.
Consumption of the PSMF diet by non-obese subjects, or obesity per se, caused major reductions in the ratio of the plasma Trp concentration to the summed plasma concentrations of the other LNAA (i.