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Lynn Richards-Cole, board director at Birmingham Forward and associate director at insurance brokers Perkins Slade, says that the PSMG and its events have been an instrumental benefit when offering Birmingham Forward membership to her contacts.
The PSMG is currently 72 national and international surgical oncologists from 55 cancer centers in 14 countries, who are dedicated to education, research, and improved care for patients with advanced abdominal cancers.
This article first appeared in the PSMG Magazine, the magazine of LMA affiliate The Professional Services Marketing Group.
Fiona Alexander, editor of The Birmingham Post, Dawn Roberts, from Birmingham Forward, Sue Staplely, Quiller Consultants, and Michael Sugg, executive director of PSMG.
As an Affiliate Member of PSMG, ProWebCast uses a variety of PSMG's streaming media services and solutions, including the highest quality production technology available for Internet broadcasting.
PSMG was recently launched by Play Industries, a Rancho Cordova, Calif.
PSMG enables new and existing broadband content producers and Internet networks by providing access to a variety of services and technological solutions, including production technology, bandwidth, advertising, e-commerce, content distribution, edge-of-the-network solutions and other broadcasting services.
The GlobeCaster is distributed and marketed by PSMG (Play Streaming Media Group), an Internet Broadcasting Service and Solution Provider recently launched by Play, allows anyone to create and broadcast high-quality content for a fraction of the cost of traditional network television or film productions.
PSMG (Play Streaming Media Group), a provider of complete Internet broadcast technology and products, today announced a formal agreement with Yahoo
com, a leading event-based Webcast developer, in connection with Microsoft Digital Media Division, Fox Television, PSMG (Play Streaming Media Group), Broadstream.
By showcasing the latest programming from its affiliate members, PSMG will highlight the advantages and global distribution opportunities of streaming media.
PSMG seeks to enable thousands of content producers by forming a strong network of relationships, providing exclusive production solutions, licensing technology, brokering talent and content, and connecting with advertisers.