PSMHPulse Start Metal Halide
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The staff at PSMH is made up of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), under the supervision of licensed nurses.
Because of the narrower pole spacing required to meet RP-8, the life-cycle cost of the LED streetlights tested for this study is up to twice that of the HPS and PSMH streetlights tested.
Ron Hanna, President and CEO of PSMH, stated, "The acquisition of Founders will add significant value to our company and shareholder base.
4m PSMH shares and the transaction was effective from 15 March 2011.
Greg Mahaney stated, "We believe this association with PSMH will greatly enhance our business and create opportunities for us that did not exist prior to the merger.
Ron Hanna, President and CEO of PSMH, stated, "We are very pleased about this acquisition and what it means for the company.
Kenmure, who will sit on the Board of Directors of PSMH, stated, "I am very pleased to announce my association with PSMI and PSMH.
Jeff Smith, President of PSMH, commented, "We are thrilled about this acquisition as it will become the cornerstone of our new mortgage banking network.
This will give PSMH the opportunity for exponential growth at the very time mortgage markets are rebounding.
Brooksidea[euro](tm)s two main stockholders will get PSMH shares at closing, it added.
For more information about PSMH, go to its Web site at www.
PSMH has made application to the OTC Bulletin Board, and expects approval next month.