PSMOPocker Sahib Memorial Orphanage College (India)
PSMOPublic Sector Management Office (Australia)
PSMOPrimary School Mathematics Olympiad (Brunei)
PSMOParanoia Survivor Max Oni (song)
PSMOPhilippine Society of Medical Oncology (est. 1969)
PSMOPeeled, Side Muscle On (type of full beef tenderloin)
PSMOPressure System Managers Office (NASA)
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En el caso del empleo no remunerado (externalidad negativa), el calculo del PSMO resulta fijo en 1.
Noting the "proliferation" of supplementary medications that claim to control or cure cancer, PSMO president Dr.
Doctor Annielyn Ong-Cornel, a PSMO fellow, said the clinical trials do help patients who cannot afford medication.
Three out of 100 (Filipino) women will get breast cancer before age 75 and one out of 100 will die before reaching 75," Lapus said at a PSMO press conference in Edsa Shangri-La hotel in collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Roche.
Durante las decadas recientes se han realizado algunas campanas internacionales de medidas de viento en la region MLT, como MLTCS (Mesosphere and Lower Termosphere Observing Study) y PSMOS (Planetary Scale Mesosphere Observing System).